Storage of linear drains with galvanised elements.

Greasing and passivation of galvanised gratings ensures protection against zinc oxidation only during transport. Drains stored in pallet packs must not be stored outdoors or in rooms exposed to moisture and variable temperatures. Zinc coatings, in particular those that have not been subjected to weather conditions, and therefore without a protective zone, are sensitive to water condensate with limited air access.

Special attention should be paid when unloading in winter conditions and stored in heated rooms. Due to the significant differences in temperature between galvanised products, water precipitates. Galvanised elements which get wet during transport or storage must be allowed free air circulation. After drying, elements should be inspected and then covered with a layer of preservative lubricant.

After drying, the elements should be inspected and then coated with a conservation lubricant. Products with galvanised steel elements must not be stored in the vicinity of fertilisers, acids, alkalis, etc. or in any other aggressive environment.

If the above guidelines are not followed, zinc-based oxidation can form relatively quickly. For galvanised steel elements, this can take only a few days. A whitish layer may appear on the top of galvanised steel grids.

It is important to cut off the protective packaging of the channel pallets after two weeks from the date of receipt. Air must be able to circulate freely to avoid any risk of condensation inside the pallets. The maximum storage time should not exceed 3 months from the date of delivery.

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