In harmony with nature

IMCOMA is a company whose main products are STORA-DRAIN polyester concrete drainage channels. They drain water from areas around houses, industrial areas and car parks. Our product range provides a systemic solution for rainwater drainage of private properties - including individual houses. It also ensures efficient linear drainage of driveways, driveways, large halls, underground and multi-storey car parks, shopping areas and industrial parks.

The polyester concrete used for production is a very durable material, resistant to both moisture and low temperatures in winter. The pipes and drainage trays made from them are reliable in all seasons. Our drainage channels are available for sale throughout Europe - we have our own warehouses and sales offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

IMCOMA, STORA-DRAIN is part of the BSI Group, part of the Belgian IDE family. The companies below are part of the group:

FONDATEL is a Belgian foundry offering a wide range of high quality products with references in Belgium and France among others. A very large stock and an efficient logistical organisation result in very short delivery times. Resolutely focused on innovation, FONDATEL regularly offers new products that meet the expectations of clients and public works companies.

BSI producer of pvc pipes (range from sewerage up to sanitary and rain water disposal, and pipes in polyethylene, cable trays and electrical conduits)

Rotoplast producer of roto mould products Founded in 1972, it now has a wealth of experience and a diversified range of top-of-the-range machines. From design to production of parts for a wide variety of applications, ROTOPLAST is your partner for developing and implementing your industrial projects.

Range of manholes in composite material. The composition, however, consists of composite materials, which makes the products extremely light compared to their volume. As a result, they are very easy to handle and can be placed by 1person