It is recommended to check the channel run regularly and to clean it, if necessary. The channel system has to be inspected at regular intervals. The frequency of the inspection will depend upon the location an the environment. Next items have to be inspected: gratings, channels and sump units.

  • The gratings should be inspected on the locking. Loose gratings may cause injuries and may cause damages to both channels and surrounding surfaces.
  • The channels should be cleaned at regular intervals to remove all silt and the gratings can be easily removed to clear away the dirt. For this purpose a cleaning shovel is used, which is specially designed to fit in channel width 100.
  • The sump unit should be emptied periodically The use of boiling water or cleaning agents for cleaning the polymer concrete channels is prohibited at all times.
Cleaning shovel for Stora-Drain channels

It is advisable to install a sump unit at the end of a channel run. Both sump units and gullies can be provided with removable galvanised (or stainless) steel buckets. After cleaning the gratings must be relocked. Not fastening the gratings may cause serious damages when the gratings are driven on.