Stora Self 200 H240

Class B125


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Polymer concrete drainage channel width 200, height 240.

STORA SELF 200 H240 channels are supplied as standard class B125, slotted ductile iron gratings, for additional security for wheelchairs and bicycles.

Each STORA SELF 200 H240 channel has an integrated vertical outlet with a diameter of 200mm.

For a total water evacuation, we have:

  • Endcap with outlet Ø160
  • Endcap without outlet
  • Sump unit
  • Stepped fall
  • Also available in height 130

Easy to open with any traditional tool.

The channels are assembled against each other by means of a tongue and groove jointing system (male/female) = easy installation. to ensure the channels watertightness it is recommended to use a suitable elastic polyurethane sealant.

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